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To increase the value of our time together, you will need to provide some information so we can better meet your needs. Specifically, we need to understand your current financial situation, and your comfort level with different types of investments. We have two questionnaires that can help gather this information.

To complete the questionnaires online, you will need to create a Personal Profile or login to your existing Integrity profile. You can also print out the Financial Planning Questionnaire, complete it by hand, and bring it to your Free Wealth Exam consultation with one of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals.
Financial Planning Questionnaire: Your confidential questionnaire will help us quickly gain an understanding of your current financial situation. It will take some time to fill out the questionnaire, but your investment of time will be well worth it. You can fill-out your questionnaire online or download the PDF and complete by hand.

  1. Complete Questionnaire Online
  2. Download Questionnaire PDF

If you choose to fill-out the Financial Planning Questionnaire online, you won’t need to complete it all at once. You can save your work in phases until it’s complete. When finished, enter ‘submit’ and you’re done.

Financial Risk Tolerance Test: Each of us is unique with different feelings about risk. Some investors are willing to take on a higher degree of risk for the potential of higher returns; others prefer to minimize risks. The Financial Risk Tolerance Test helps us learn what types of investments suit your profile best. To take the secure Financial Risk Tolerance Test:

  1. Login to your Integrity Personal Profile and choose “Take the Financial Risk Tolerance Test” (If you haven’t already completed your Integrity Personal Profile, click here).
  2. You will receive an email with your secure link to take the Financial Risk Tolerance Test.

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